Hi there,

My name is Christian Sampson and I'm an intimate wedding and boutique portrait photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. My job, my passion, and my drive, is to capture love. Any and all love. Whether that's you and your husband wrestling around in a giant comforter seeing who can out-tickle the other first, or to a bride or a groom walking down the isle to say those two powerful words of, "I do". Maybe it's not even a shared love with someone else, but rather it's the love you should be giving to yourself. I want you to feel valued and important when I photograph you. That is what keeps me going, and that is why I love what I do; because I like to make people feel beautiful and confident about themselves. You are my number one priority and I will make sure that your experience with me is easy, fun, and memorable.

For you who are so blindly and beautifully in love, I believe in romance and I will catch every second, every touch,  every kiss, every tear, and every whisper, and every moment of the unique romantic transaction shared between you and your forever. This all may sound cheesy,  but if I didn't believe in love, I wouldn't be doing what I do. 

My goal is to develop relationships with my clients. You are not just another job, you're not just another name, you're a friend, a colleague, or a partner in crime. So let's make something profound! I look forward to working with you!