CXS01 brings rich, warm skin tones to the table. The aqua hues mixed with a rosey overlay will give your photos the perfect summer look! I want to see your awesome photos! Share them with me by tagging #cxspresets!


  • Preset CXS01

  • Preset BARBIE POP

  • Download & Installation Tutorial

  • Editing with CXS Presets Tutorial

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CXS Presets are only to be used in Adobe Lightroom on a computer.

CXS01 is only one preset. I have worked hard to make sure these presets are versatile and easy to use! If you like maintaining a certain aesthetic, editing with any of these 4 presets will allow you to maintain that balanced look!

CXS Presets are for RAW photos only and are to be used in the Lightroom desktop version which can be dowloaded HERE.  CXS Presets work best on properly exposed photos. You might need to tweak and make small changes to the presets when using them according to your photo's RAW lighting and color conditions; but don't worry, I made a video to walk you through it that's included with your purchase!

Since the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds.